Proof Women Dress For Other Women

I have a friend coming in from out of town for business, who I haven’t seen since our middle school days safe and sound behind military gates in Germany. We planned to meet for dinner. This is when the conversation got good.

Her: Dinner tomorrow..tonight I do have a mandatory marketing event from 6:30 – 9:00… all these dern changes love the job but can’t stand last min stuff

Me:: Well damn… I put on a dress for your ass. LOL got folks asking if I’m interviewing or going on a date. LMAO

Her: Me too! I even did the smoke eyes and put some flowers in my hair! Got on spanks n shit! LOL

Me: Girl my waist is snatched! I’m about to go take this body armor off! Flowers in your hair. You did that for me?!

Her: (sneaking a picture that was o so cute) This is me sneaking in a pic… I have little black roses around my bun! LOL

We always look good, but when it is time to shine, we go the extra mile for that man, old friend, girl, woman, next chick, heffa trying to look at my man, job I’m looking to get or just because we are having a bad day.

Alicia aka MyBusyMind

Proof Women Dress For Other Women


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