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Along with BlogPaws, an online community for pet bloggers,  BlogHer asked reviewers and their dogs to try Pro Plan®Selects®. See what they had to say and enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card on each blog! 


Fresalina Our pets are everything to us. They are the ones waiting at home for me late at night after a long day in the kitchen. They usually wait for me in the kitchen and as soon as they hear me they start wiggling their tails left and right. This is the part when I give them a treat or two or three because I just love them. Click to read more.


What is Angela Doing? If you didn’t already know, I love my dogs.  Most of the people who know me in real life think this is funny because I never liked dogs.  I never understand the relationship that people had with their dogs, until I got a dog…and I got another one.  Master and Tinkerbelle are very important in my life and I want to make sure they are taken care of properly. Click to read more.

Total Momsense Back in the fall Coach and I noticed that Mack was getting a little thick in the middle. Both dogs put on a little weight when the weather cools off a bit, but Mack was pushing maximum density. Click to read more.


Honeysuckle Chic Meet Coco, my family dog. She has been a member of my family for almost five years and I must say she has made herself quite welcome.  I adore this little Pomeranian who has the personality of a true girlie-girl: something which is quite evident as she literally prances down the sidewalks of Manhattan during her multiple “bathroom break” walks each day. Click to read more.

Stuff I Think About When Daisy and Rudy came into my life, I knew I would always feed them the highest quality dog food that I could.  I’d like to think it’s made a big difference in their health and well-being.  I know a woman who adopted one of Daisy’s sisters, and sheoften tells me she can’t believe how soft Daisy is and how shiny her coat is.  I firmly believe this is because of the high quality food Daisy eats.  Click to read more.

Twice Blessed Many people don't understand how an animal can be loved so much, or how an animal can be treated as an equal part of the household. My husband used to be one of those people... until he fell in love with Connor. Connor became his best buddy, the one who ran to him as soon as he walked in the door, jumping and squealing with the kind of excitement only a dog can exude. Click to read more.

BorderSmith I am passionate about the performance that I get from my dogs. As a result, what goes into them has become more important than what I get out of them. These things are tightly bound, and out of necessity I have learned much about nutrition over the years.Click to read more.

FooleryLand Bringing two beagles into our family in February has been a constant learning experience. Where do they sleep? With us. How many walks do they get? Two long walks a day plus as much yard time as they will put up with. What do we need to lock up?Laundry, unless I don't mind finding my underwear in the living room or on the patio, and I do mind. Click to read more.

Sushi and Pizza Well, somewhere along the line, I became totally enamored of this sweet puppy. I’m so glad we have her. I often look at her and exclaim, “You are so cute! I’m so glad we brought you home!” Yes, I talk to her. Did I ask you? I’m Portuguese. I say things with passion and I’ve been known to show love with food. Click to read more.


Shoot Me Now Now I am the proud owner of a two-year-old deaf Dalmatian who is a joy, a challenge and a constant lesson in love, acceptance and patience.  No longer do I say, “No” to a dog just short of jumping on the counter.  Instead, I shake my finger in the “no” sign and hope she is catching my eye.  No longer do I say, “Sit” for a treat, but rather make a hand signal for sit while I stand directly in front of her.  And most importantly, “I love you” has changed from snuggles and words to snuggles and the sign, “I love you.” Click to read more.

Long Hollow Every morning, some days even before the sun has fully risen, I take a walk down our dirt road with Max and Belle, my "puppies". We have few neighbors, and virtually no traffic, situated as we are on 5 1/2 acres a mile from a highway, so no leashes are involved. Max and Belle are free to follow their noses into the woods, chasing rabbits or deer or their imaginations at times, but they never venture far, always returning within a few minutes. Click to read more.

The Pifer Family Our dogs mean the world to us—they are like four legged children who think we do no wrong!! They can’t see our flaws, their always happy, they know when we are sad, and a lick on the cheek can make any day better. They are spoiled—they know it—and we are ok with that J Our dogs are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms! Click to read more.

iGriza "I filled their dish with it, and they both scrompled it right up, and no one has had an upset stomach from changing of the food! I would say that is a pretty good indication we are on the right track. Y'all know about my food hoodoo for myself, and its about time I gave my dog children that same consideration. I guess I have never really thought enough about it, but the same principal applies : What they eat directly affects their health and longevity and in order to give them a long life, and one free of excess health problems, I need to put more attention into their foods!" Click to read more.

Pro Plan Selects was created with pride for passionate pet owners – the ones who go out of their way to do more for their pets. It’s the result of their on-going mission to deliver high-quality, nutritious pet food by being highly selective in which ingredients are included and highly selective in which ones are not. The reason is simple: because they understand that uncompromising nutrition plays a fundamental role in every pet’s long, healthy, happy life.

To learn more about the high quality ingredients in Pro Plan Selects, go to and check out the ingredient tool. This tool provides information on all the key ingredients in our Selects formulas and what they mean to a dog’s health.

Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. This sweepstakes run from May 2, 2011 to May 31, 2011 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules.