Proposing Big - Feel the Romance... and the Rejection

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BlogHer contributing editor (hobbies, crafts & DIY) Debra Roby sent me a great link this week to this awesome proposal video on YouTube called My Early Muir Owl.  Got me right in the mood for some posts on marriage proposals.  Of course, I had to get through all the posts linking to that YouTube video first.  That puppy is Pop-U-Ler.

The original post from the man himself:  Sara and I just engaged!

I don’t even know where to start with this one. After months of
planning, weeks of lies upon lies to my poor unsuspecting girlfriend
(now fiancee), and countless hours of laser cutting foam core and hot
glue gun finger burning, I can now spill the beans.

348 comments and the link love is spreading though the Internets.  Over at The Daily Reel, Paul Cibis posts My Early Muir Owl:  A Surprise Proposal.

I think George, the gentleman who made this video, has taken the public, sneak-attack proposal to a new level.  The event seen here (a gallery opening) is of a much smaller scale than al sporting event, but keep in mind that the entire gathering was concocted by George, from the ground up, as an “elaborate ruse” to trick his girlfriend Sara into viewing his proposal. Sara was told that the opening was for artist “Serge Gandora” exhibiting a new work called “My Early Muir Owl.” Little did she know that the piece had been created and installed by George himself. Viewed from most angles, “My Early Muir Owl” appears to be nothing but a series of random geometric shapes mounted on poles.  But when viewed from just the right angle the shapes align to pop the question “Will You Marry Me?”

George's creativity and dedication has certainly caught people's interest.  Meanwhile, over on the other side of the coin...

It turns out there's another public proposal that's got people talking (this one at a professional sporting event), and we go from the romantic to the sublime - sublimely painful, that is.  It appears that the potential folly of a hugely public romantic gesture went punished at a recent Astros game.  Over at With Leather, the post is called The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever? and comes complete with Simpsons art.  We are talking popcorn over the head on the jumbotron:

The Astros lost at home to the Nationals last night, but they still had a better night than one fan who used the romantic backdrop of a meaningless baseball game in humid-ass Houston to propose to his date.

Over at We Are the Postmen, the post was called The only worse than being an Astros fan...

… is being the girlfriend of an Astros fan. Because Astros fans think it is romantic to propose at the ballpark, and it is never romantic to propose at the ballpark! But don’t take my word for it; lucky for us, this hypothesis has already been tested...

Interestingly, while searching for posts on these two proposals, I found that most of the posts were by men - do these eleborate proposals catch the interest of men, the traditional proposers, more than they do women, the traditional proposees?  Maybe that's not surprising, considering the position it puts the woman in if the man has mistepped.  But perhaps with great risk comes the greatest rewards.

Got your own elaborate proposal story?  Link it up!
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