Proposition 62, Abortion, and Your Birth Control Pill

Hi! I'm new here. It's nice to be here.

Let me begin by pissing all of you off. I'm Heather, and I'm pro-life.  I've believed that abortion should be illegal my entire God-given life. You can all hate me now.

One would think that the Proposition 62 ammendment on the ballot in Colorado would be the wet dream to end all for me, but it's got me terrified about where this could go. They proudly proclaim under "myths"  that barrier methods of birth control will be allowed. That it's not true ALL contraception would be banned. (emphasis mine).


No woman ever needed a birth control pill for ANYTHING other than the prevention of pregnancy before.

I really want the government to stay the hell out of health care. And no, I don't live in Colorado. I just can't believe the lack of outrage walking around the net on this one. I never even heard about it until someone was mad this commercial was making fun of Obama. And I'm thinking, yeah, that's not the biggest issue there.

So, dear bloggers, please, someone with a bigger voice than I have, take this one up.



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