5 Pros and 5 Cons of Pregnancy

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1.) Boobs! They got so amazingly huge once I got pregnant! I will never forget that beautiful sunny day when I walked to Victoria's Secret to buy new bras and the girl who measured me said, "You are 36C." I skipped joyfully back home. I had to fight especially hard to keep my lunch in my stomach, but I just had to skip. C cup! That later even became a D cup for a moment! Bless pregnancy for this wonderful gift!

2.) Hmmm...

3.) Hmmm...Boobs?

4.) Maybe...nah.

5.) OK, boobs it is!

There. Now that I spelled it out, hopefully I can face my fears and keep remembering the good things. Cheers to boobs!


Photo Credit: lizdavenportcreative.


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