prostitutes perspective of feminism

I am a ex-prostitute from the UK, who’s being trying to work out what it is about feminism that makes your hair on the back of your neck stand up! From my experience that seems to be the attitude of most other working girls that I have met.
After all aren’t they seeking the equality of females? Haven’t they already got us the vote and gone some way into equal pay/equal jobs?
So why do we find ourselves fractured from our sisters so much still?
Therefore I decided to do a little research myself to understand why lots of prostitutes (and I am not talking about those who have been `saved` by political/religious or moral devotees) step back sharply at the mere utterance of the word feminism.
I firstly read the concepts of each feminist category i.e.: Marxist feminism, Radical feminism, Liberal feminism, Existential feminism and Social feminism. No doubt there’s more, but that was enough for me!
They have just come over as splintered fragments of a feminine ideology and are in a nutshell as follows:
The Liberals: Have the idea that the prostitute is an independent contractor in a society which favours men over women.
The Existentialists: Have the idea that women are not always powerless and men think they are in charge but are not. Yet still believes there is an equality between the sexes. So in a way a prostitute is viewed as an oppressed woman and on the other liberated one by way of a successful, economic strategy for her own survival.
The Radicals: Believe that prostitutes do not act out of free choice but is a victim of coercion. That oppression is so deep in the structure of society, the attitudes of men must be changed. Making the dynamics of power on an equal level. Believing that once this is in place, then prostitution will fade into oblivion.
The Marxist: They obviously arose from the doctrines of Karl Marx. So they are opposed to any social/political action that perpetuates the enslavement & oppression of members of a work-force. Therefore prostitution can be seen as standing as a symbol of all that is wrong with world politics in society.
The Socialist: Adopts some of the arguments in Marxism. They see the prostitute as a victim of a corrupt society, which involves class distinction.
Most of these doctrines feel that once society is restructured, prostitution will just go away!
Now I am no expert on politics nor want to be, so forgive me if there are slight discrepancies in my descriptions!
Amid all the waffle of high ideals and chatter of oppression.
The very women you see as lying in the lowest and most degrading roles of society. You are thereby measuring a `distance` between prostitutes and the so-called virtuous/the political/intellectual or even sexual enlightened!
You denigrate our opinions and standing in society in a way men never have!!
Why so? Because, you are women!!
Prostitutes have been fractured from society not just by self-opinionated and self-propelling religious zealots and politicians (who claim to represent their `flock` or their `voters`), but mainly by women from all corners of society.
Nowhere else is there the same lack of understanding and rejection, by so many females, aimed at a marginal group, that professional prostitution suffers.
Especially when so much benefit to our social structure can be learned!
To effect `change` of any kind means not social structure regeneration, that has come from high philosophies or moral over-views, but simple respect!
Respect that will prostitutes a right to their opinions.
Once opinions are respected there follows a value-system, which would spread outwards into the wider communities, thus effecting `change!`
So please, don’t look for the shit, because shit you will find, no matter who, where, or when!
Prostitution does nor degrade people, people degrade themselves by their own naivety and stupidity.
Prostitutes hold within them something that nobody has bargained for, because they never looked! What they hold is priceless, an ocean of sexual/caring/innovative and spiritual information. When are we going to pick up the keys and open that door?
Who else gets so close to the most primal and strongest urge that nature is driven by , than a prostitute?
They are not affected by the same emotive, complex and emotional relationships that couples generate.
If you have a broken leg, you don’t visit an heart surgeon, do you?
Where do you go to get rid of that powerful energy that isn’t being dissipated in a relationship?
Where do you go to soothe the troubled sexually confused `child within?` Which in turn gives a client self-awareness and therefore a responsibility for balance in ones sexual appetite?
If you think because you are a woman this does not apply to you, think again!
Why do people constantly look at the problems within prostitution For the answers to their already formed prejudices?
Learn the benefits that prostitution brings to society, something we lost centuries ago.
When you see the benefits and the wisdom that it generates, that will help the torture, pain, murder and abuse prostitutes experience.
Whilst society and the feminists continue to castigate and denigrate those in this profession, making us feel like `victims`, you are all guilty of every single murder and violent action against each and every prostitute, as if it were your own hands. The blood is stained as a reminder of your ignorance!
In doing so you will be perpetuating more and more paedophiles, sex offenders, violent or murderous incidents around the world!
Within the `art` of prostitution lies the very answers we seek in society regarding our own sexual naivety, immaturity and confusion. Which can in time turn to be the very demon we abhor so much within us.
So think again sisters!
We need to get this thing right before its too late.
Stop being competitors, enemies or teachers!
There is nothing to compete for, nor fight for or teach.
We already know!!

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