Protecting your pregnant friends, naturally


Today I was reading a back issue of one of my favorite new magazines and learned a few things. Maybe old news to many, but new to me.   A very dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third baby, and a very busy Mom & business owner. I think I'm the "greenest" of my friends (its lonely sometimes).

 I learned that besides artifical chemicals, there are even a few natural ingredients that my pregnant gal pal should avoid including some essential oils!  The April 2010 issue of  Natural Solutions "Beauty for Two" by Erinn Morgan, goes into more detail...

Let my afternoon lesson serve you as ammunition to protect not just yourself, but your friends future babies too!  

They tested a handful of natural skin care products and give you their opinion on them here .

I've never tried any of those products, but I have tried just about the entire OmAroma skincare line, and love it so much I buy their OmToGo 5 pcTravel Set for my traveling friends, and Moms on the go. 

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Another LOVE is the PSI band.
Psi Bands (pronounced "Sigh Bands") are acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/ travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia.

Scientific studies support the use of wrist acupressure for the relief of nausea (visit our Research link). Wrist acupressure has grown in popularity because it is noninvasive, easy to self-administer, and affordable.

Created by two Mompreneurs Carla & Romy, They say "wearing is believing, Breath a "Psi" of relief! "  I say, these are another MUST have for our pregnant friends!!


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