Proud herb parenting

Happy Saturday! I was quite delighted with the developments I found when I checked in on my wee herb garden this morning, so, like a proud parent with a wallet full of photos, I thought I'd share the ongoing growth with my patient readers. (If you're rapidly becoming bored with my childlike joy over such things, please hang in there with a nod and a polite, indulgent smile! This won't always be new and exciting to me.)

First of all, my chives:

04-14-2012 Chives

Really, it's not just a pot of soil... look closely and you'll see some actual, real, live green shoots peeking out! (Note to self: Hmmm, looks like these need to be watered.)

Now, my parsley:

04-14-2012 Parsley

Another pot of soil and seeds and the beginnings of growth! (Click through to the larger photo on Flickr if you can't quite see the sprouts - I promise they're there!)

And, a little further along in the growth cycle, my oregano:

04-14-2012 Oregano

Isn't that pretty?! I can already taste the pasta sauce to come.

And further still, my sweet basil:

04-14-2012 Sweet Basil

Look at all that lovely, lovely growth! I can't believe that less than a week ago these were just little grey-black seeds. I honestly had no idea I'd see so much, so quickly.

I am having such fun with this!

This post has been brought to you by the letter "G" for growth, green, and gladness.

~ Dawn @ Alphabet Salad

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