Proud of My Kid...*ahem* Dog

 I always used to hear stories from parents that thought their kids were the best thing since sliced bread: the most smart, the most awesome, the most athletic, the most popular and I always rolled my eyes at these parents. Well, I used to……… until I became one of those parents.

I truly think that Caddy is one of the best dogs that ever existed and I believe I have the proof to back it up:

I have heard stories from neighbors and fellow dog-walkers that Caddy is the nicest sweetest dog and that they think he is “super awesome”.

(I mean look at him, how could he be anything but a dopey sweetie?)

My husband told me a story about a group of Day-Care kids walking by our yard that are in our neighborhood. When he went outside the teacher told him that the kids love when Caddy is outside and they get to see him. They like to run up and down the fence and Caddy runs with them, licking their hands and smiling. My husband took Caddy around the fence and the kids were so excited to meet him close up.

I have been out running in the neighborhood with him and people will stop and say that they think he is so sweet, kids run up to pet him, and fellow dogs run to the fence to play.

When I am driving, Caddy is sticking his head out the front of the window navigating and people actually roll down their windows (especially kids) to tell me what a “beautiful dog” I have.

The dog/person that loves Caddy the most though (besides me of course) is our next door neighbor Koda. My husband and I got extremely lucky with our neighbors, they are the nicest most considerate neighbors, and they own Koda: Caddy’s girlfriend. She comes over to play, he goes to her house to play, and they “talk” to each other. Just generally love spending time together. They have even dug a hole under mine and my neighbor’s fence. Koda from her side and Caddy from his, we are all convinced that one day we will come home or look outside and they will be in each other yards. They are almost there.

One morning I let Caddy outside to go to the bathroom and continued getting ready for work (I let Caddy out, I continue with a shower, then let him back in to hang with me while I get ready, then he goes back to bed when I leave). When I went to go and bring him back inside, he was pulling something pink out of the hole. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was a pink little pig toy. Caddy brought it inside and cuddled with it in the bed. I asked my neighbor if Koda was giving presents now (how cute is dogs giving presents of their own free will??) and she said it was her 1 year old son (which is just as cute). He thought Caddy could use it so he pushed it under the fence for Caddy to find. Caddy loves to cuddle with it and honestly treasured the day he found this little pink toy. Thanks to that little pink pig, I was again confirmed……….Everyone loves Caddy….

Ok, you can roll your eyes now.

I thought it might give me a complex that my dog was more popular than I was…more well liked, way more cute, and much more friendly. However, I have learned to accept the fact that I have raised one heck of a creature. I tribute him being awesome to me and my husband (ok, mostly me) and I am undeniably proud that we have managed to cultivate this amazing dog with his charming personality. I just hope that when it comes time for kids, we get this lucky again and can have kids that we think are as awesome as our dog!


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