Proud Virgin

I will be among the thousands of bloggers crowding the halls of BlogHer 2012 this August. You'll recognize me as I'll be the one looking simultaneously ecstatic to be child-free, and totally, helplessly lost. Wait, that doesn't make me unique? Good!

As a BlogHer virgin, "overwhelmed" doesn't do justice to the magnitude of my feeling of overwhelment. Since I assume I'm a normal person, and I know I'm not the only virgin heading to NYC in a few weeks, I'm banking on being in good company in this feeling. So, instead of cowering under the enormity of the potential intimidation, I will hold my head up high and assume that everyone I see feels just as lost as I do. Sort of like the advice you might give a high school freshman. That's me, standing in the lunch room with my tray looking for a friendly face to sit next to. I will not fear the jocks or pretty girls, the Katie Courics and Bloggesses. I am Motherhood, WTF? and I belong!

Oh, is that Martha Stewart peeing in the stall next to me? No biggie. She and I are totally on the same page. "Can you spare a square, Martha?" See? I'm not scared.

So, if you're home now studying the agenda and feeling totally overwhelmed by the choices, a little scared to pass out business cards, and a bit out of place, fear not! You're not alone. There are hundreds of us. Or, at least one other - me - who is pretending there are hundreds. 


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