Margaret Cho Doesn't Deserve a "Retarded" Baby

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I understand that everyone wants to have a healthy baby, and no one would wish to have a child with any type of problem. But if there's one thing I've learned in this life, it's that there are no guarantees, and let me go one step more -- I would not trade my retarded daughter for ten "normal" kids. Here's why:

  • She lives every day in the moment -- no worries about yesterday or tomorrow.
  • She gets mad, but she gets over it. No grudge holding for her.
  • She loves who she loves, unconditionally. She has no prejudice, no bias, no preconceived notions about anyone. (If only Margaret Cho could be so fortunate.)
  • She gives affection freely.
  • She has taught me what a gift life is, how important it is to be thankful for each thing we are given, no matter how small.
  • When she's excited, she jumps and laughs and squeals. She lives her joy with childlike abandon. We're all too hung-up with ourselves to ever really give ourselves over to happiness and joy. We're the ones missing out.
  • It's hard sometimes, but it's my privilege to take care of her. She depends totally on me -- what an awesome responsibility!
  • She is satisfied with so little. It takes almost nothing to make her happy, where as all of us are never satisfied.

If all of these things come with being retarded, maybe we should all be so fortunate as to be counted among that number. There are obviously worse things to be.

A narrow-minded idiot, for example.


P.S. In case you missed the message: Suck it, Margaret Cho. You don't deserve a retarded child.

This is Evelyn when she was three. Who knew being retarded was so frickin' cute?



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