On the Prowl or is Life Just Like That?

Being at home with the flu has caused my brain to go into overdrive and I feel the need to write. Who would have thunk it... I am 30, single and ready to move on with my life. I have joked that I would create a blog called, "On the Prowl... Adventures of a H*#NEY 30 Year Old" but really life is like that sometimes. I wander aimlessly through this life and wonder how things ended up as they did. I have recently learned that reconnecting with old friends doesn't neccessarily heal old wounds. In fact, after seeing an old friend he totally, utterly shafted me! I have to say he was the last person I ever thought would hurt me. Chalk it up to vulnerability on my part but really when you need a friend and your emotions are running high you really don't expect an old friend to hurt you and when they do, it stings just that much worse.

I know it will get better. It just has to!

I have taken to working late hours and I am back in school for the semester. Getting a degree in Adult Education is a great thing but I am so sick of school. I think all students get to that point where saturation is met with shear utter determination to finish. On the other hand, I have totally blown off all homework lately to go to the bar with friends. Hmmm I must watch this behaviour or I could really screw myself.







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