Psy "Gentleman": Can "Gangnam Style" Star Be More Than a One-Hit Wonder in the US?

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Now that every child old enough to swipe a finger across a touch screen knows the chorus to "Gangnam Style", Korean pop star Psy has released a follow-up, "Gentleman", which racked up over 53 million views in its first two days on You Tube, beating Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" for the most pageviews in its first 24 hours. And did you notice he's busting out the MC Hammer harem pants?

Image Credit: officialpsy, YouTube

I'll admit: I had my fears that Psy might become the next William Hung. You know, the funny Asian guy who everyone was laughing at, instead of laughing with. But the popularity of his second US release proves Psy has a good chance at becoming a household name and not just a one-hit wonder.

While Psy's new song is as zippy as "Gangnam Style", a few people are criticizing the "Gentleman" video as being as sexist. The scenes show the singer doing ungentlemanly things such as pulling a chair out from under his gorgeous date. However, if it's anything like "Gangnam Style", I think Psy's visuals are meant as social satire. And while the lyrics are mostly in Korean, you can check out the English translation here.

Watch Psy's new video and tell us: Do you think K-pop can gain a following in the United States?

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