Psychology of Leading Mommy Bloggers

Don’t we all love to read the latest Tweets from our favourite mommy bloggers. But did you know that there’s a way to assess the underlying psychology of all those Tweets.

We used TweetPsych to put our top 50 mommy bloggers on the couch.

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The typical mommy blogger in our sample has been on Twitter since 24-Apr-08, and Tweets 8 times a day. They have, on average, 20k followers and in turn are following c. 1k. These ladies are an extremely influential lot. So, interested in what the doctor’s notebook says. Read on!

Mommy Blogger vs. Celebrities

Am Every Woman | Mommy Blogger

We compared the typical mommy blogger to some international celebrities. We are most happy to observe that the typical mommy blogger is just like anyone else. Her tweets are not necessarily more positive or more negative. So much for media stereotyping!

Mommy Bloggers are just like anyone else
But the average mommy blogger, does talk a lot about herself and is also more social than the average Twitterer. She’s at once Oprah, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga. Go figure!

Mommy Bloggers are Gregarious
Maria Bailey | BSM Media | Author of Mom 3.0

On a more serious note, as Maria Bailey states in her book Mom 3.0, “Winning the heart of a Mom Maven is a marketer's dream come true. Her loyalty can earn you thousands of dollars in sales, hundreds of mentions throughout the day and perhaps millions of impressions online in blog, podcasts or videos”.

It is this social aspect of her that makes our favourite mommy bloggers such a target for marketers.

Our Typical Mommy Blogger

Jessica Gottlieb

The most prolific mommy blogger on Twitter is Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) with c.36 tweets a day. Nielsen ranked her as a Power Mom in 2008 and 2009. A typical tweet from her - “It's raining and I have no firewood. I have failed as a homemaker”.

She recently announced a 30-day Twitter hiatus!

Heather Armstrong Dooce

Heather Armstrong (@dooce) has by far the largest following in our sample. Over 15m Twitterers follow her c. 2 Tweets a day. Her tweet “Do not believe a word that comes out of Lance’s mouth until he admits that he’s my son” got 39 ReTweets and 57 favourites.

Wendy Piersall

From our sample, Wendy Piersall (@emom) was the first to get onto the Twitter bandwagon - on 15-Mar-07. Hence it’s only fair that she has authored “Mom Blogging For Dummies”.

Mommy Blogger Statistics
Psyche of Leading Mommy Bloggers

An important word before we dive into the findings. All references to “higher” and “lower” are with respect to the typical Twitterer. For details on the methodology, you could see the section at the end of this post.

Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis (@GDeLaurentiis) is the most positive mommy blogger in our sample. She is a food network chef and author, based out of Los Angeles. Typical Tweets from her are “Great job Dad!!” and “Love yoga while listening to some fun music!”.

Even though Giada is fairly new to Twitter, (joined 12-Feb-09) she has over 7.5m followers.

Most Positive Mommy Bloggers
Alice Bradley Finslippy

Alice Bradley (@finslippy) is the most social mommy blogger in our sample. A typical tweet from her is “It's Pub Day for @ritaarens and her new book, THE OBVIOUS GAME. Would you like a copy? Of course you would”.

Alice is amongst the oldest Twitterers in our sample and typically tweets 9 times a day.

Most Social Mommy Bloggers
Marcy Robison Stretching a Buck

It’s quite common on Twitter to be tweeting about one’s own experience. However a few Twitterers are almost characterized by their lack of self-reference. In our sample Marcy (@stretchingabuck) stood out as her tweets are entirely devoted to deals. She stays true to her promise “Working hard to live well on less and to help others do the same”.

A typical tweet from Marcy is “New Welch’s Squeeze Coupon | Save $0.55/1 + More”.

Least Self Reference Mommy Bloggers
KJ Dell Antonia Motherlode

Motherlode – the parenting blog of New York Times scored the highest on the “learning” trait. The blog is managed by KJ Dell’Antonia. A typical learning tweet from her - “Advice to Help a Stepparent Start Strong”.

Most Learning Mommy Bloggers

Want to Tweet Psych Yourself

Aren’t you intrigued? Do you want to check your own Twitter Psychology? Well, you can easily do that at TweetPsych. For the geeks, you can read the background of this tool here and a critique of it here.

Lastly, this is a fun tool. Don’t take it too literally! If you agree or disagree with any of the observations, do please share your view in the comments section.

About The Authors

Richa Dikshit runs the YouTube channel of Toy Tasting – a video channel about toys.

Chaiti Jain works at Yellow Giraffe - an online store dedicated to toys for 0-5 years. Tweet @toytasting to receive a pdf of this article.

Notes: Overview of Methodology

We shortlisted 50 Twitter accounts for the study. While selecting these accounts we checked if the content was in English, that the posts were frequent, and that the Twitterer was well acceptable, even if sometimes un-conventional. We also chose seven international celebrities who are active on twitter, and more importantly represent different personality types. These were: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, Lady Gaga, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton, Jim Carrey.

It is quite conceivable that in some cases the actual twitter posts are not put up by the celebrity. For example the twitter account of Barack Obama clearly states this quite clearly. However, an inspection of the twitter posts indicates that most of the postings are comments and statements made by Barack Obama.

So for our purpose, the Twitter feed from the account still qualifies for analysis. For our analysis we used publicly available data on Twitter, TweetPsych and Twanalyst.

TweetPsych is a web-application developed by Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist. Dan uses two algorithms to decode the cognitive process of the twitterer based on the written word. 

For all the geeks out there, you can read the background of this tool here and a critique of it here. The explanation for the psychological traits mentioned is tabulated below,Psychology Terms


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