public pool predators

i focused on prevention + what mod*tot should do:

-always stay where we can see each other.
-scream your head off, if a stranger bothers you.
-run away. tell someone safe.

i wasn't prepared for a pedophile to xxx himself under the water in front of us. luckily, mod*tot didn't notice.

when you're in a public pool in swimsuits in close proximity to strangers, and socialized to be polite, friendly, include others, respect elders.... public swimming pools, hot tubs + beaches are a confusing + dangerous place.

the policeman said, "always call 911. it's a crime. report it."

i never thought it could happen, while i was watching her + his every move.

every state should pass a law banning child sexual predators from public pools!

only 1 state in our nation has felony legal protection against public pool predators.

"Washington is 1st state to establish the crime of "Criminal Trespass Against a Child." It is the first law in the nation that gives employees at facilities where children play the authority to order out registered sex offenders whose victims included children. Offenders who refuse to obey such orders can be charged with a Class C felony punishable by a maximum one year in prison. Sex predators are called predators for a reason. This unique law provides facility managers a much-needed tool to protect children from predators who intentionally target community centers, swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds in search of new victims." public pool predation is a felony in washington state only.

every state needs "Criminal Trespass Against a Child" felony law protection.



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