Pull-up Program: Week 8 update - Small Victories

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I finished week 8 on Friday and I'm really happy with the progress I've made on the pull-up while doing this program.  Not just because I've seen actual improvements in my quest for the pull-up, but also because I've managed to stay with the program despite holidays, stress, more holidays....

On Sunday I tested my max banded pull-ups and am pretty stoked about the results.

If you remember, a few weeks ago, after finishing a full 5 week cycle with double purple bands, I tested my max pull-ups with the purple band. I kinda, sorta got 3 and the third one looked more like some weird 1980's dance than an actual pull-up - arms and legs everywhere! Yesterday, I got 5 - yup FIVE pull-ups with the purple band..and although the last one was hard, it definitely looked like a pull-up.  Between the time that I did the max 3 pull-ups and the max 5 pull-ups, I did three cycles (weeks) of double black banded pull-ups.

But here is the coolest part - I also decided to check, just check, how close I was to being able to do a pull-up with just one black band....

AND I GOT TWO BLACK BANDED PULL-UPS!! Holy pull-ups, Batman!!!

I have never been able to do a black banded pull-up before. It definitely makes me feel like I am getting closer to my dream of getting a strict pull-up...and not a moment too soon...the Open is just around the corner!

Here's the progress table from Week 8:

week 8 pull-up

A summary of my progress throughout the program can be seen here.


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