Pump Up The Volume....For The Day?

There is a relatively new in office procedure being performed by some plastic surgeons.  It is quite controversial and, I will admit, this one has me scratching my head.  

It is a temporary breast enhancement.  The physician injects a saline solution directly into the breast and this will briefly expand them.  Results will last a short24 hours and then {poof} just like Cinderella, your boobs go back to their normal state.

Saline solution is basically salt water. The solution gets reabsorbed into your body.  The cost is anywhere between $2500-$3500.

This procedure first started as a way for potential breast enhancement patients to determine how they would look if they chose to have implants.  Many doctors still offer this, but a few MD's began getting calls for this instant lift from women wanting a little more va va voom for a special occasion. Such as a wedding, vacation, party, even a ballroom dance!

Manhattan based plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe preparing to inject a patient's breast with saline.



So, I thought I would see what my dear readers have to say about this procedure.  Would you have it done?  Yay or nay?