Pumpkin costumes aren't just for kids - or are they?

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When I think "pumpkin costume", this adult costume is NOT what comes to mind. I cannot imagine wearing such a thing but if you've done it, you should totally share your post/photos. I'm sure it looked great on you.

I also don't think of dogs in pumpkin costumes because I'm anti-dog clothing. But, to each his own, I'm sure your pup would be adorable in this costume.

1992-ishWhat I do think about is the pumpkin costume that we had made when we lived in the Philippines. My son was a very cute pumpkin, (where are all of the Halloween photos from 1983-1990?? MIA, that's where.) My next child was also a very cute pumpkin, (though she was not as cute because she refused to wear the hat because it messed up her hair. She also refused to wear the green tights because "green is not in style" - her words way back then, not mine.)

I also think of cute little onsies for infants, (though I never think of dads wearing the same costume.)

I'm amused by the incredibly inexpensive orange pumpkin leaf bag costume. You should make one and share photos.

Have you dressed as a pumpkin? Have your kids? Care to share the photos or any inexpensive pumpkin costume ideas that you might have?

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