♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪

Brrr! October; the days are certainly cold, because our heater has been running daily to keep us warm. Plus we’ve already seen some falling rain; this definitely helps to set the mood. And in many parts of the country, already leaves have begun to drop and change colors, from varying shades of green to an assortment of orange-gold to amber-rust. Yes, most assuredly, this is fall. And it is, without-a-doubt, one of my favorite times of the year. It is pumpkin picking season!

♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪1

The excitement and anticipation to go pumpkin picking is made fresh every fall for us. The anticipation grows at the thought of our familia getting together and caravanning over the mountains and through a forest, along the way enjoying the scenic and panoramic views that lead to Half Moon Bay.

♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪2

This tallies our trips made to 20, and 16 of those years we’ve been going to Arata’s Pumpkin Patch, in Half Moon Bay. Last year I wrote about our family’s day trip to Aratas’s, “A Minotaur for Halloween at the Center of the Maze,” and it still holds true today when I then said that two’s company and many more is a happy crowd! The more people the merrier.

♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪3

Arata’s, our favorite pumpkin patch to visit, is always adding attractions to keep their many-year’s faithful customers coming back. So we are all enthusiastic and excited as we wonder what new thing they have done different this year.

♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪4

We remember when Arata’s first began running the hayride; for a few dollars you could climb on board. A couple years later they added a food stand, they sold fresh eggs, pumpkin ice-cream and pumpkin cakes. Sometime later they added bales of hay for kids to play on, and then a haunted house. Next time came a giant gorilla made of rusty sheet-metal, and we’ve taken many pictures sitting under him. Lastly was the addition of a maze, and made even larger last year. Large enough that children and adults, too, find themselves getting lost.

♪♪A-Pumpkin A-Hunting We Will Go...♪♪5

After spending a couple of great hours roaming Arata’s, having enjoyed sun and fresh air, sometimes drizzles and even been caught in a rare downpour—sloshing-around through slippery mud—we finish our day with dinner at The Flying Fish Grill, just a few short miles away. And this year, as a matter of fact, the restaurant is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, so we plan on celebrating with them. After all, we’ve frequented their establishment since their opening year.

So now you can imagine how beside-ourselves we are, looking forward to pumpkin picking day.


We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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