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I always enjoy taking the kids to pumpkin patches in October. We don't go every year and this year is the first time that five of the six children have gone to a pumpkin patch together. Today, after a stroll through Long Grove, IL for their apple festival, we all headed to Krolls Farm in Waukegan, about 40 minutes from our house in Glenview.

RJ's pumpkinThe pumpkins were already picked, and piled up in piles, but the kids still had fun choosing their pumpkins. They have a bunch of those wooden boards with holes cut out for faces and let me tell you, it's harder than heck to get five kids to all get their faces in the holes facing outward at the same time. We never were successful but it was fun trying.

Krolls has a little petting zoo and the kids always enjoy feeding goats and petting donkeys and of course chasing chickens.

And then there was the corn maze. A really BIG corn maze that had questions and hidden pumpkin stations inside. The goal was to move through the maze and use the hole punch at 12 stations to show that you did find each station. Ideally you'd go in order... hahaha. Right. That did not happen. We were lucky to make it out alive and we never did find our way out of the "right" exit. We took advantage of the emergency exit after finally getting all 12 stations punched. Frustrating but amusingly so.

I want to know when pumpkin patches became so extravagant. When I was a kid, a pumpkin patch was just a pumpkin patch. You might find a hayride. Or maybe a tiny corn maze. But nothing like some of the really extravagant pumpkin patches bloggers have been visiting this month.

Almost forgot about the glass pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay. There is an art festival in Gainesville that started doing a tiny glass pumpkin patch and I'd love a glass pumpkin - but I can never pick out the perfect one.

Have you been to a pumpkin patch this year? Share your photos and blog posts, please. (Not sure where to find a pumpkin patch or corn maze near you? Check out pumpkin patches and more.)

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