Pumpkin Scones with a Spice Glaze

A couple of weeks ago while we were visiting the farmers market in Boone, Jason and I picked up a Pumpkin Scone to share while looking around. Since then, I have been wanting to create a healthier version at home and this morning I finally got around to doing so. It is really cold and windy here in Charlotte and I couldn't think of anything better than sitting down with a cup of coffee and smelling  cinnamon and pumpkin baking in the oven.

 Of course you could choose to leave the icing off these scones but I don't recommend it. You don't have to use more than a tablespoon and it really adds so much flavor with the perfect touch of sweetness.

Pumpkin Scones with a Spice Glaze


- 3/4 Cup whole wheat flour

- 3/4 Cup All-Purpose flour

- 1/4 Cup sugar

- 1 Teaspoon baking powder

- 1/4 Teaspoon baking soda

- 1/4 Teaspoon salt

- 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon

- 2 Tablespoons butter (cold)

- 1/3 Cup canned pumpkin

- 1/3 Cup Greek yogurt

 Spiced Glaze

- 1/2 Cup powdered sugar

- 1 tablespoon of any milk (I used almond milk)

- 1/4 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice


- Mix together the dry ingredients in a mixer bowl. (flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon)

- Add in butter, pumpkin and yogurt mixing as you go.

- Remove dough from the mixer and form into a large rectangle about 3/4" thick. Using a knife or pizza cutter cut into 6 segments all the way through the dough.

- Bake on 425 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

 - Once the scones have cooled top with the glaze.


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