Pumpkin Soups, mmmm good!?!

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When I was a kid, I liked soup. If I think about it long enough, a can of Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup could even bring back fond memories of young adulthood when we were flat broke and I'd splurge and buy a couple of cans - it seemed "heartier" to do that than just have Ramen and it wasn't that much more expensive. (Plus, I OD'd on Ramen as a teen and haven't willingly eaten it since then.)

Fruity Pumpkin Soup

When Panera first opened in Gainesville (ah Gainesville, I miss you so...errr sorry, got distracted) I spent some time telling myself that I liked their broccoli cheddar soup and I'd order it and a half of a garden sandwich. I did that a few times and finally decided... I just don't love soup.

Other people really, really love soup. Kalyn's Crockpot soups post was really popular. I want to try those recipes but... I remembered, I don't like soup.

A few days ago, I posted about "savory pumpkin recipes" and when planning my month of pumpkins I thought I'd include pumpkin soup recipes in that post. I changed my mind when I realized there are a million pumpkin soup recipes! Who knew?

I could go on and on, but I'm afraid I'll be tempted to ask TW to make one of these recipes (Probably Smitten Kitchen's because I really like black beans) only to remember later that I just don't like soup.

Are you a soup fan? Are you a pumpkin soup fan? Click those links, there are pictures in some of those recipes and boy do they look good. Oh wait, I don't like soup... do I?

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