Pumpkin Themed Parties

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When I started writing this post, I thought it was going to be about pumpkin cupcake toppers. I came to my senses and switched the focus to pumpkin themed parties - lots more fun and it keeps me from being tempted by toppers! (Back Story: Once upon a time, I blogged about cupcake toppers EVERY Friday. My blog was slightly famous for that Friday theme. Thankfully, I no longer blog cupcake toppers...)

Ginger biscuits and Witch's Brew

I found a lot of people who blogged about pumpkin carving parties:

Those look fun but my idea of a great pumpkin party doesn't necessarily include pumpkin carving. There are so many other things you can do that carving doesn't need to be the primary focus.

The Budget Smart Girl's Guide to the Universe has some great pumpkin themed party

Fishinmom Designs has some more great pumpkin party ideas. (Bobbing for pumpkins and a pumpkin pinata!)

Here's a cool pumpkin cake, a crockpot pumpkin spiced latte recipe, Pumpkin Juice Recipe, a pumpkin bread pudding recipe (bread pudding is something else I won't eat but I know a lot of people love it) and don't forget the mini pumpkin scavenger hunt.

What are you waiting for - get busy planning your pumpkin party!

Flamingo House Happenings


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