Pumpkin Yard Art

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When I moved to the suburbs of Illinois, I did not expect to find so many homes decorated for Halloween. Every time we go out to eat or to run an errand, I turn down a different street, just to see what's down it, and every time we find house after house after house decorated for Halloween.

The Great Pumpkin

In most of these highly decorated yards, there are pumpkins. Real pumpkins - some carved, some not. Plastic pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and types. I didn't know there were so many types of plastic pumpkin yard decorations available! We've come a long way from the small plastic pumpkins with the light inside and the lawn and leaf bags that look like jack-o-lanterns.

Inflatable pumpkins are everywhere, Cinderella's coach gone bad is in a yard around the corner from us - along with a couple of other inflatables. I've seen so many yards with pumpkin lawn stakes that I'm surprised when I see a yard without them.

Now excuse me while I carry our carved pumpkins out to the front deck and consider whether we should join our neighbors and head out to purchase some plastic pumpkins. What do you think, do I need some plastic or inflatable pumpkin decorations?

Flamingo House Happenings

Image credit: Loorzboy


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