Pumpkin-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Halloween was always my favorite holiday as a kid.  Since my birthday is 12/22, I always sort of had some competition with Christmas.  And besides, no other holiday lets you dress up in wacky costumes-- or eat as much junk food!

Each Halloween, I strived to come up with further irreverent and obscure costumes.  I think I peaked in the 6th grade when I went as a stick of gum.  At one point, I went as Medusa (complete with glow in the dark  snakes in my hair– I think this was in high school) and an excellent Wicked Witch of the West, which I think was 8th grade.

So, I decided to break out my decorating tools and make some cookies to bring in the Halloween spirit.  This year, I’m going to a Halloween/housewarming party that is SNL-character themed.  My mother can attest that I have looooong been a fan of SNL, and I hope friends can recognize characters if I break out some obscure Gilda Radnor reference that existed before my birth.

The sugar cookie recipe comes from the now-dufunct Martha Stewart Omnimedia magazine, Blueprint.  It was an excellent Martha title, aimed at younger professional women.  The art styling was excellent– I wish it still had an outlet online.

Click HERE for their fantastic sugar cookie recipe, and tips on how to decorate them!



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