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Well I have been listening to everyone and I decided to start a blog on the family and what is going on so everyone can stay up to date. Yes we move allot and yes it is hard to know how everyone is changing so here we go. Hope this helps everyone.

Jewlya and Fredrick are now living in a small house in our back yard. They actually seem to be doing pretty good. Boy do they fight allot and try to tell me what every fight is about, I try to explain to them that they moved out so I didn't have to listen to them fight.
Jewlya is driving and other than speeding she is doing pretty good. Hopefully she gets her own insurance.
Fredrick is suppose to get his license in march, I hope I hate being taxi service.

Zachary is in 8th grade and doing good. He is not working anymore decided to just sit on the couch after school, I think it would be boring since he only gets an hour of TV per day. He is so smart I can't wait to see what he becomes when he gets older.

Kennith is also in 8th which I am sure you all knew. He is doing better in school than I thought he would and I knew he would do good. He is getting more handsome everyday.

Lexis is officially the social butterfly. She makes friends everywhere we go. She is doing okay in school I just hope she learns to talk less and learn more maybe in high school, she is in 5th grade now.

Lance is in 4th grade he is great. He usually is at the neighbors or the neighbors are here, they are wild but he still is a good kid. Lance is taking after Zachery in school he is super smart too.

Well that is it for today I will be back tomorrow with even more updates.


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