Purnima Ramakrishnan

Founder, Writer, The Alchemist's Blog // Senior Editor, World Moms Blog

Purnima Ramakrishnan is the mother of a 7 year old precocious little boy and wife of a pulmonologist physician. She is the Founder of The Alchemist’s Blog and one of the four Senior Editors at World Moms Blog. She has a post-graduate degree in Electronics Engineering and has designed Automotive Electronics for 6 years. Now motherhood, writing and social causes call her.

She writes about Social evils in India, improvement of maternal health care, non-denominational spirituality as a way to improve the maternal well-being and human relationships, importance of vaccinations in developing nations and strict adherence to the schedules. She also had a short stint writing about Indian Cuisine.

One of her main accomplishments is to have shot a documentary movie for GAVI representing World Moms Blog. This initiative is a grass-roots party idea for the UN Foundation’s vaccination campaigns. It was around the same time, India was declared Polio-free by the WHO.

She is now the point of contact for WMB mothers across the globe to shoot similar tea party movies and make this a global effort.

She hopes to help preserve human life and aid it further in its evolution by saving lives of children in developing nations by advocating vaccinations for life-threatening diseases.