Why (and How) I Helped My Teen Dye Her Hair Purple

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I'd also taken advice found online to try to do the bleaching so that the result would be somewhat ombre; we had no idea how long the purple would last, and with ombre very "in" right now, it made sense to try to create a bleaching effect that could stand on its own just in case all the purple washed out. So I put bleach on maybe the bottom inch of her hair -- gathering up small sections into folded tinfoil as I went -- and let that sit for 20 minutes. Then I went back and opened the foil packets and applied more bleach another 1-2 inches up the hair shaft, then closed the foils and let her go another 20 minutes. The results were great! The very tips of her hair came out light blonde (yellow, not white), and overall the effect looked like a purposeful ombre on the bottom of her hair.

After bleaching, we rinsed and dried her hair without conditioning it, then moved on to the purple dye. I was less nervous with that, though do heed warnings to wear old clothes, put down towels, etc. Even using tinfoil, it seemed like we got purple everywhere. At just 25 minutes or so, the blonde hair was a deep, rich violet. We washed out the dye and then used the post-coloring conditioning treatment.

My daughter was thrilled with the result, and I think it looks really pretty. It's also more subtle than you might think; in direct sunlight there's no mistaking it, but indoors it's more of a do-a-double-take kind of thing. I might not feel as comfortable if she chose to do her entire head, true, but if that's what she'd wanted, I probably would've let her. Given that I stopped coloring my own grey last year and cut off most of my hair to "start over" color-wise, though, I think she was perfectly happy to go a route that allows her an easy do-over via a trim if she tires of the color. We have no idea if the purple will really last. Time will tell!

And the couple of slightly-disapproving-and-surprised comments I've gotten about it? Eh. "It's only hair," I reply, with a shrug.


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