Push through life’s storm even when it blinds you

My life right now is blurry—not unlike today’s blizzard-like conditions. Sometimes, though, you have to push through the storm even when the snow is blinding.

Two nights ago I had dinner with a dear friend who reminded me of a drive we took through the mountains two Januarys ago. We were headed for a girlfriends’ weekend during which 10 of us would celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. She was the first to head into this unchartered territory.

As my friend and I headed through a giant “bowl” in the mountains, we suddenly found ourselves in a swirling blizzard. Each passing moment was scarier as we passed jack-knifed semis along the road. We learned from friends in a car behind us that the road had been closed.

My friend asked what she should do, and all I could say was “keep driving.” I didn’t know if it was good advice, but I knew that if we stopped we’d likely be hit from behind. For what seemed like an eternity, we crept along what we hoped was the road until finally the sky cleared. We all reached our destination later than expected but unscathed and thrilled to spend a hilarious, wine and laughter-filled weekend together.

As my friend and I reminisced about that drive and that weekend, we talked about how life sometimes feels a bit like that blizzard. A life-changing storm is getting gustier in my life right now. The view is blurring and sometimes I feel as if I will never see clearly again.

Like that day in the mountains, though, I feel compelled to keep driving. Sometimes you have to keep faith that when the skies clear, you’ll reach your destination and have the time of your life.


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