Pushkar: The Food Scene


Fruit-salad and juices: We had it at Sonu Juice shop. It is on the main lane leading towards the Brahma temple and is a small shack serving fruit-salads and juices. It had “Ashok is here” subtly written all over the place. Apparently, the guy has been written about quite a bit. 
The salad we ordered for was fresh and well-made. They specialize in a combination of shakes and juices, some of which are pretty innovative. 
P.S. : Direction cue: Ganga restaurant and Sonu Juice Center are bang opposite each other.

Fruit salad

 Ashok Juice Pushkar

 7) Normal Lassi: Why do I say normal lassi? Because there is something called Special Lassi/Power Lassi, which is totally on the other end of the spectrum.
You can have normal lassi in the ‘halwaai-gali’. Simple fare. Nothing special, but pure dairy product. Good to cool the tummy post some spicy-food. Awesomeness in a ‘kulhad’ for Rs.40/- .



8) Cafe Out Of The Blue:
Cafe Out Of The Blue is a pleasant, happy, and colourful place to hangout for hours at a stretch. Interiors-wise, it is Persian theme-based restaurant. Food-wise, it does a potpourri of items. Pizza, pasta, pan-cake and the works. Food tends to be on the experimental side, in almost the entire of Pushkar. Almost everything is ‘an inspiration’ of the original. It is not a gourmet affair. So, please do not go with a rigid mind-set and a defined mental-image. That way, you’ll enjoy much more.
P.S.: They also do Special lassi, which is laced with cannabis. We, however, had this lassi from the place across the Cafe Out Of The Blue.

Cafe out of the blue

9) Pushkari Chai:
It is ‘life-in-a-kulhad’. That is how ‘pushkari chai’ can, at best, be defined. It is mildly spiced and flavoured chai, served in a earthen-ware called ‘kulhad’ . Kulhad lends the rustic flavor to the beverage, thus adding soul to it. I will not waste more words on something that MUST be experienced.


10) Special lassi:
 It is not a food item. It is an experience. Read about it here.

11) Dal-Bati-Churma:

I am saving the best bit for the last. The ‘thaali’/platter below comprises of (clock-wise) Baati (dough-balls), salad, dal, some more dal, gattey kee sabzi and churma (sweet). The center bowl consists of ‘lehsun kee chutney’/garlic sauce. This platter is a mind-blowing fare. We had it at Mamta Restaurant, which is close to the Brahma temple. It is located at around the bend of the Brahma temple, at the corner. Ask a local person to direct you to this place. I am sure there must be a place or two better than this. Let me know if you know of any. I would like to try more of this thing, on my next visit to the city.

A word or two about the ‘bati’:
Bati is a dough-ball, meant to be had with dal. It is made on wood/charcoal fire, some-what like the bihari ‘litti’. The difference between ‘bati’ and ‘litti’ is that ‘bati’ is not stuffed, while ‘litti’ is stuffed with ‘sattu’. The roasting process remains the same in both the cases.

how to make bati

This is it for now. There is much more to be uncovered, and it shall happen soon. The city, with its ethereal essence, is an experience that cannot be soaked in a hurry.
Dear Pushkar, I will be back, with more time in my boot.
Till then, adios beautiful place! teary eyes waving bye smiley


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