Put God in the center of your relationship

Dear friends, I am here to share a story of my relationship, a story about how our mighty God has been guiding me through being single, finding love, and keeping it. 

I had several crushes on different guys in my Freshman year of college but none of them end up well. For me crushes always just cause more uncomfortable and akward talks or encounters at the end. Love is something totally out of our control because we cannot force anyone to love us back. I felt powerless and sad because I had so much love to give but nobody seems willing to receive it. I felt I was not attractive, not worth-loving, and not complete, until I God came into my life. 

There was one day, after I had an awkward conversation with one of my crushes, I was walking back to my room.  I walked and cried bitterly because I had done everything I can, I had given so much love to him and got nothing back. I talked to God. I told him that I am about to give up. I was ready to let all my crushes go, empty myself and don't ever love again. At that moment, God asked me to release myself from burdens and leave them to him, so I did. "Oh Lord, my father, " I said, " please receive my burdens from now on, you are in charge of my relationships. I know you have a right person for me and you know when and how we are going to meet. Please point him out to me when we meet." So I stopped being nervous and frustrated about finding a boyfriend. I just simply give all to the Lord. I had faith in love because I had faith in God. Any single person can be happy too. Being single is never a failure but a prove of our patience. 

Three month after I let God be in charge of my relationship, I met Callixte on a boat day. I shared with him my story of being saved my first year in US. Three month after that we started dating. Now we are still together and we want to spend the rest of our life together. Do we go through difficulties? Yes, we do but God teachs us how to go through them. (I will share the second part of our story tomorrow:)

Whoever is reading this post, God has a perfect plan for you. Please release your burdens and let God be in charge of them if you have any right now. 


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