Putting an End to Feminine Odor: One Horrified Reader at a Time

i don't know if you're aware of this or not but stinky vagina syndrome is on the rise in america.

at least that's what tv makes me think.  apparently women are yucking it up after seeing movies arm in arm or checking out the greenery at home depot or even getting together for their evening pie making parties when it happens: someone gets a whiff of their own stinky nether regions.

what is this phenomenon that suddenly grips a female in the the throes of knitting a baby blanket or bottle feeding a baby lamb?  what has turned a perfectly working vajajay into a stink  machine?  and who in their right mind would suddenly stop in their tracks while antiquing with their middle-aged friends to deliver a stank induced scowl?

does this actually happen to people?  i mean sure there are days when you don't feel your freshest.  you've just spent the past eight hours power shopping only to follow that by eating a pound of chocolate and reading thirty-two romance novels so needless to say things can go sour.  but i've never known someone to be running with a bouqet of balloons in their hand through a field of wild flowers one minute only to break into a distressed frown while weeping due to the stinging in their nostrils the next.

there are many people who don't like me.  i'm sure there are a few that would be greatly pleased to learn that i dropped dead in my sleep.  i've been in fights, through a few bad break-ups and have even been mocked on the tennis court.  you'd think in all those instances i would have at least been accused of rank genitals.  but alas, no.

so what is this feminine odor problem the tv speaks of?  is it something you or a loved one have dealt with? how as a blogging community can we reach our country, no, our world and teach them about chronic vaginal stinkage?  and please feel free to rate your feminine odor from 1 to 10.  1 being "smells like roses" and 10 being a "a dirty bum covered in chihuahua feces and left to bake in the sun for twenty minutes."


Ericka Clay, Writer




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