Putting on Pounds by the Minute

It feels like the pounds are adding up by the minute.  I swear the scale is 8 pounds more than it was three weeks ago.  Oh wait - it does need to get calibrated a couple of pounds, but still - that's six pounds in three weeks?!  Oh my.  

What has led to this dire place I am in???

1.  Some new stress in my life with a job I accepted thinking it would be fun.  I knew it would be challenging, but I didn't really appreciate how little free time I have to work on the project.

2.  My flax seed was dumped out all over the dirty floor by a couple toddlers having a glorious time "cooking".  Living for a week without flax seed was eye opening.  I felt bloated and then I wanted to eat to get things moving through me.  I ate and felt more bloated so I ate more.  Not a good cycle.  I found some flax seed from a friend a couple days ago and feel a thousand times better.  I'm still bloated, but I'm not in that foraging mode trying to make my body feel better.

3.  To find time to work on my project, I've gone out to dinner by myself to think, and then I've felt the need to eat - the entire portion of fried tasty foods on the plate.

4.  I've been snacking in the afternoons.

However!  Even though this all sounds so horrible, I don't think it's all as bad as it really is. Or - this is my delusioned logic at work.

Throughout this entire process, I 've been continuing to exercise at least five days a week. I swam a mile this morning.  Yesterday I jogged on the treadmill and used the weight machines.  The day before I did Jillian and weights.  I'm doing things!  It's just that I've also been eating.

I read a bleak article that it's not the exercising that makes a difference, but the eating.  Dang.  I've got the exercise figured out and I'm enjoying it and I'm enjoying the effort to make it happen.  The eating thing is not so enjoyable.  I have no desire to limit my evening meals or count my calories.  I LIKE just having a bite of things here and there and thinking it won't really matter.

Alas.  It seems to matter.

Ah, wait...

5.  My period is coming up

THIS always does skew my perspective of my body.  My lowest weight to date was my right after my last period when all the bloating resolved itself.

I like to think everything will magically do that again, but I have to confess that I have been eating quite a bit more than before.  We'll see if something magical does happen, but I think this is another one of those reality reminders that I can't just throw restraint to the wind.


We travel this next week and I don't want to be "dieting".  I want to enjoy and have fun and practice only a modicum of moderation.  I plan to try to fit in exercise to balance things out, but I doubt it will be as rigorous as what I already do (and that is not that rigorous).  Big inhale and exhale.   We'll see how it goes.

Mainly - I'm learning that it's much harder to moderate my eatting when stress enters in and catches me offguard.  I think the key might be in not getting caught off guard. Heck - I don't know.  It's all a process and I'm still right in the thick of things! 


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