Putting the Thanks Back Into Thanksgiving

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Last year, Sandy from the food blog "Eat Real" noticed that November was the invisible month tucked between October's Halloween and December's Christmas. She resolved to change that.

"Last week I was shopping in Target, when I was struck by the odd juxtaposition of aisles hung with Halloween costumes and home decorations next to aisles twinkling with displays of Christmas lights. Christmas . . . already? I thought. It wasn't even Halloween yet, and I was already in a position to worry about whether I'd get my Christmas cards out on time.

Leaving Target, I swung by one of the large home-improvement stores, which I dread entering because my presence there almost always indicates that something in my house is broken. Or we are undertaking a project during the course of which something will be broken. In this case, I needed to replace a ceiling lamp whose switch mechanism had broken ~ not too bad ~ so I marched in with the confidence born of knowing exactly what I needed and where to find it. But I was stuck in my steps a few feet after entering. Both sides of the entryway were lined with Christmas decorations. A few feet after that, snowblowers sat, huge and menacing. It was nearly 65 degrees out and I'd yet to purchase my Halloween candy. What happened to November?"

On November 1, she gave thanks for heat, light, and hot water and resolved, for the rest of the month to give thanks not for "big-ticket items" but for the unsung blessings, the things she is grateful for but never really receive the shout-outs they deserve.

Now in 2009, Sandy has given thanks for music, cutlery, teachers and people who take time. It's a fascinating series, lyrical to read, some times amusing, always thoughtfu.


Appetite ~ Kale & Lentil Stew
"... [by] this time next week, I’ll be feeling bloated and completely disgusted with myself from my Thanksgiving gluttony, but at the same time, I’ll be thankful for my loving family, dear friends and you. I’m very thankful for this blog but it wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling if it weren’t for you. Have a wonderful Holiday and thanks for reading!"

Julie Godar on BlogHer ~ Five Thanksgiving Dishes I'm Very Very Thankful For
"'Kayso, I got a little snarky yesterday with my 5 Dishes I Wouldn't Feed a Dog (but Do Eat to Be Polite on Thanksgiving). Today, the flip side: Thanksgiving foods I dream about as soon as the air turns crisp ..."

Cooking with Friends ~ Thankful for the Open Kitchen
"So as I hunt and gather this week for Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I will soon have a house full of people to help in whatever way they’d like, to appreciate the food, and to share in the joy of this holiday. Even the kids will be involved--they will roll dough with their Junior Sil-Pin rolling pins (just like mom’s but smaller), and of course taste test the cranberry sauce many times. Happy Thanksgiving to you! "

Tea & Cookies ~ How to Buy a Knife & Keep It Sharp
"But seriously, folks: get your knives sharpened before all the big holiday cooking fest. It’s something I am thankful for, every year."

And you?
What are you thankful for? How do you put 'thanks' into your Thanksgiving?

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg is thankful for the World's Best Green Bean Casserole and someday, maybe, she'll even share why. This year, she'll make a double batch.


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