Q & A around the dinner table: How two questions can get your kids talking

We ask our kids just about every night - "What was the Best & Worst part of your day?" We get really cool answers, funny answers, answers that make me proud of my kids and sometimes we are  surprised at the responses we receive.  No matter what each family member says about their day, it gets us all talking and that is a very good thing.  Here are a few of our Best & Worst from the past few weeks: 


When Jared & I played video games together 
-Later when Jared caught my hair on fire.
When she finally broke up with him 
When I saw her after she finally broke up with him.
Getting an answer to my prayers in my Sunday School class 
Sobbing uncontrollably in Sunday School Class
Finding out they picked me for the job
Finding out they no longer had the budget to hire me
Kissing my girlfriend goodbye at the end of the night
 New rules made my end of the night take place at 10:30pm
Going on a really fun date with a new guy
 Coming home to all 74 outfits I tried on before the date covering the my floor.
Paying my son to clean the kitchen & make dinner
-  Realizing my son is a better cook than I am
Family game night
 Standing in line at the grocery store FOREVER thanks to some crazy lady demanding a rain check for 500 bottles of BBQ sauce.  Actually, she was so odd, it was pretty funny so the crazy lady is also one of the best parts of my day.
When mom did a messed up gymnastics routine trying to grab dad's phone
-  Finding out why she did it...yuck.

What your Best & Worst from the past few weeks?



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