Q + A With Dismount Creative

When was the last time you had a girls night out? You either? Well, let me make it easy for you. Dismount Creative. I mean really, how could you go wrong with drinks, a stylish craft, and some girlfriends? Here is all you need to know about Dismount Creative and the DIY maven behind it, Alicia DiRago. 

Q. Where did the name Dismount Creative come from?

A. Ah, the name Dismount Creative... I have a million creative ideas for DIY projects everyday but choosing a name for my business was really, really difficult! It's a little obtuse but the word dismount came from my background as a competitive gymnast. I wanted my blog and my classes to give people the opportunity to step away from their routine, busy lives and enjoy making something. So many people tell me that they "aren't creative" but most of the time I find that they don't give themselves an opportunity even try! As adults we have all these expectations about doing things perfectly on the first try that are really limiting. When I sit down with a group of women, a bottle of wine and a craft project we never fail to have a great time AND a beautiful finished product to show for it.

Q. Tell us a little about your background. Have you always been into DIY projects?

A. My background is in chemical engineering. In some ways my engineering career is the polar opposite of what I do now (from steel toes vs. stilettos!) but in other ways it's a surprisingly natural transition. My job as a process engineer required a lot of creative problem-solving and writing up detailed instructions about how to make different products. Now instead of directing chemical operators in the steps to synthesize alkyd and polyester resins I'm teaching people how to make jewelry, clothes and other style and decor projects. While I miss working with the smart and hard-working coworkers I had as an engineer I certainly enjoy fashion projects more than reactors full of chemicals.

Q. Walk us through one of your classes. What should we expect? Is this just a craft class?

A. Meeting women and leading DIY craft classes is my absolute favorite thing to do. (I like meeting guys too, but not many sign up to make jewelry with me!) We usually start out by having a drink while we get to know one another and take a look at the project we'll be doing. It's a good time to start making a few design decisions which might include the color and shape of the metal, beads, stones or other supplies. Even though we're all working on the same basic design I make sure everyone is able to customize their piece. Then I demonstrate the skill or technique and give everyone a chance to practice a little before we build the final project. Sometimes attendees really want to get technical and learn some new skills and other times they want me to step in and help them finish their project and either way is fine with me. The most important thing is that everyone has a fun time and finishes with a project they want to wear home.

Q. What can we find on your blog?

A. I have enjoyed reading blogs since before we knew them as "blogs" but it wasn't until about a year ago that I started my own. For so long I was just scared to put myself out there, but as someone who was new to Houston and starting a business I knew it was the best thing to do. Now, a year later, I find blogging so rewarding. I write about anything and everything fashion/style, craft, design that catches my eye. At least once or twice a week I post a DIY project I've done with instructions. It's gotten easier for me to write and I love having an easily accessible and searchable archive of my projects and inspiration.

Q. Are you working on anything new?

A. Well, I'm always working on new DIY projects! Right now I'm preparing to head out to MAGIC which is a large fashion tradeshow held twice a year in Las Vegas where I'll be scoping out the latest fashion and teaching the attending designers, buyers and bloggers some of my DIY tricks. Can you believe I'm going somewhere where it's actually hotter than Houston in August?

So now you know! Check out Dismount Creative's class schedule here and get a group of girls together! She is a really fun gal that is sure to show you a fun time. And stay up-to-date on all of Alicia's DIY projects and fashion inspirations on her blog.

Do you know of a Houston area creative business? Get in touch with me and tell me about it so I can spread the word! ~ Keeping it Local + Handmade ~ XOXO B.


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