Q&A With Dinair Airbrush Makeup Artist Dina Ousley

If you only had an hour to apply hair and makeup to 30 live singers and dancers at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball, do you think you could do it? We’re not talking regular foundation and mascara beauty staples either - try airbrush makeup compressors and rose bud hairstyles (hair that literally looks like a flower!) on for size.

Still think you’d be up for the challenge?

Dina Ousley is! An award winning professional makeup artist, Dina is the founder of Dinair airbrush beauty, makeup that sprays a fine mist so it sits evenly on your skin. The mist keeps your makeup from being sweated off in the heat while providing flawless coverage - two major musts as this year Dinair was set to beautify 30 live dancers and singers backstage at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball! Lucky me – I got to go backstage before the Emmy ceremony to chat with Dina about the time crunch getting performers ready for the night, her biggest beauty motto, and who she was most excited to see hit the red carpet!

Heather Taylor: First off, what’s the mission behind Dinair?

Dina Ousley: Dinair is all about everyday makeup to bring out your own natural beauty. It’s about making makeup long lasting without worries of creases or rubbing off to not only make you flawless and look good, but feel good too.

HT: You’re no stranger to backstage beauty at the Emmys - last year you did mod makeup designs for the Governors Ball in under an hour with 150 performers! How did you and your beauty squad manage so many in such a short period of time?

DO: My team and I do our homework pretty thoroughly. Last year for the mod designs, we cut stencil designs out for every department – the entertainers, the waiters, the waitresses, the bartenders, even the chefs wanted their own design in black and white! But really, the true hero is the airbrush makeup itself. I don’t think traditional makeup could accomplish what we did in an hour or stay on as long either!

HT: The theme this year is “A Romantic Rhapsody in Red” which is all about 1940s glamour meets old Hollywood chic with hair in the shape of rosebuds! How did you create the look for the evening?

DO: I’ve been working on the look for two months in my spare time, but for the rhapsody it was all about putting a new spin on 1960s hairpieces by hand coloring and airbrushing and sculpting them into the shape of the roses. The rosebud hairpieces are for the singing group “The Red Hots” and there are twelve members in the group so we made 12 hairpieces for them – we’ve airbrushed, dyed, fried, and blinged them out! I’ve been working on this for two months in my spare time!

HT: Which celebrities are you most excited to see show up on the red carpet at the Emmys?

DO: The cast of True Blood! Such a good looking group of people!

HT: What would your biggest beauty tip be?

DO: When in doubt, spray it out with airbrushing!

For more information about Dinair and airbrush beauty, check out their website!


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