QR Codes: Get Quirified

You have seen these, they are QR codes. This one will take you to the introductory video to my novel.  It took a nano second to “make”.  Creating the QR code is known as “qurifying”.



I went to is.gd URL shortener. I centered the URL for my YouTube video, it shortened it and when I click on the QR Cod please link there is was, in a nano second.  You can also use KAYWA QR generator or other free QR code generators you find via google.

For example enter your book URL, your site, shorten it, convert it, transport it to your website or blog, facebook, any place you think it will work.  Invented in Japan these matrix bar codes are now used in the Netherlands, South Korea, South Africa, England, almost anywhere people have smart phones to read them.  They are aimed at the mobile phone, android, blackberry user, most mobile phones have free apps for them, some are built in.

They look like a UPC code squared, dash, dots in a box.   Are they white on black or black on white? Does it matter?  They are popping up on business cards, products, book covers, web sites, facebook pages, direct response mailings, brochures and advertisements.  I have seen them on packages as tracking devices. There is even a grave head stone company in Seattle putting them on headstones. Packed full of information, they contain the URL to your free giveaway, and all of your contact details real and virtual.  If they just lead to your addresses they will be less effective than if they offer a special incentive or targeted, relevant information when scanned.

These versatile little coded wonders may also contain a hyperlink which allows the scanner to land on a dedicated landing page.  Perhaps they get a time limited discount on a targeted give away.  They may send a tweet, “like” your facebook page, download an app you offer, play your video, even receive an IM. You may offer other options, anything that has a cyber link can he offered.  You may have a QR code for each product, each book, as these all come with different target promotions.  You can code a “buy now” button into them, print them on tee shirts for fun. By providing a giveaway, needed information, other links to targeted populations you draw traffic to your site, gain more “likes” etc.  It is a win win situation, and the more the prospective clients get or 'win' by scanning your QR code, they more likely they are to 'like' your page or sign on to your newsletter. Brave souls are even having these codes tattooed onto their bodies, when you place a smart phone on them, voila you see the “picture”. Now that takes QR committment.


There is discussion that says these are a passing technological fad.  Maybe, but they are fun and if you use them you will impress your 13 year old son, can’t beat that.  I mean 'awe' over your technological prowess from that quarter is usually slim.


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