Your Business Momentum: Partnerships: Identifying Promising Collaborators, Building Relationships, and The Art of Assessing Your ROI from Various Value Positions

When you’re building your business you want to make sure you leave no opportunity on the table. That means assessing potential partners and offers and their Value Proposition to you and your business. It may seem easy to asses monetary compensation, but we all know that that’s only one important piece of the value puzzle. How do you quantify the value of access? Of exposure? Of promotion? Of brand-alignment and prestige? Of future paid business? Of serving your higher purpose? You may have spent a lot of time defining and quantifying the value you bring your customers and partners. Are you defining the value they bring you?

Lea Ann Leming, SheKnows

Christina S. Brown, LoveBrownSugar
Roo Ciambriello,
Lila King, HLN
Rebecca Otis, TheRebeccammendations