the quarter that cost a thousand dollars

a picture is worth a thousand words? well here is the quarter that cost a thousand dollars. swallowed quarterat a cheer event (where else?) an energetic, unsuspecting boy finds a quarter and places it in his mouth (where else?) because it seems like a fantastic idea.

his parents ready for the cheer event to begin are unaware of the boy turned slot machine who is at present jumping up and down. of course the only thing that can happen at this point is the delicious quarter slips back to the the boy's airway then choking him. mother sees boy holding his throat and turning a rather peculiar shade of blue while looking ever so slightly in terrible discomfort. mother asks boy what happened? boy whispers "quarter". "oh my God!" his parents rush past the throngs of cheer parents and coaches and race to get help. the restaurant in the hotel is the first place they see an employee who dials 911. the quarter slides down the airway and slowly into the esophagus.

the firemen arrive in 7 minutes, mother's color comes back and so does boy's (he turns from blue to peach, she turns from white to off white) father's heart is pounding all the while being brave for his boy who never sheds a tear. the paramedics arrive and take the boy and his mother to the hospital emergency room via motion sick inducing ambulance ride. the bewildered boy's thoughts recall stitches without sedation the last time he visited this place. will there be needles again he wonders? an x-ray is taken to confirm the airway is clear and the twenty-five cents will be on it's way to make the miraculous journey along with his pizza (fingers crossed). there will be no needles mother assures him as the head doctor comes along with an airport security metal detector that beeps as the detector is passed over the location of the boy's money. there are giggles and the boy finally smiles. home they go.

now it has been a few weeks and the quarter is still there. pray he passes it before september 7th so he doesn't have to undergo an endoscopy in an operating room without mother or father. pray it passes and if it doesn't that all will go well in the procedure to remove the pricey quarter. we only have to worry if it comes out two dimes and a nickle ;)

xoxo, krystina

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