Quebec City Holidays

Last year I went to San Diego Comic Con. While it was tonnes of fun, I had a revelation - I had officially now been to more locations in the USA than I had of my own beautiful country, Canada. And so I vowed to myself that within the next decade, I would visit at least one city in each province and territory in Canada.* Bonus points for those locations with some sort of historical significance....more

It's definitely a good long-weekend destination, especially since you are already relatively ...more

Missing Child Remembered

It was a beautiful crisp spring day a dozen years ago, April 1999, when a young girl named Jolene Riendeau went to the corner store in her neighbourhood, just six blocks from her home in a busy corner of Montreal. Rene Riendeau had given his 10-year-old daughter permission and $2 to walk to the store. Twelve long, painful and exhausting years, hundreds of searches, calls and tips, and millions of posters later, police in Montreal announced yesterday that they have found Jolene's body. A heart-wrenching ending to a heartbreaking story. ...more
What a tragic ending.  I am glad they have found her and have someone in custody.  I can't image ...more

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec Pâté chinois is a great family recipe. With his historical roots, this comforting meal is reproduced on a regular basis in kitchens across Quebec. The Pâté chinois is certainly the national dish of Quebec. It's a recipe that our grandmothers and our mothers did. It is democratic, easy to make, cross generations and social classes. ...more

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