Queen of the Jungle

I usually write about the plights of motherhood.  You know, the ins and outs, day to day rants of a stay at home mom cooped up in her home with no adult interaction except facebook and Oprah.  I take myself lightly, and find it easier to laugh at myself and my situation than to take it too seriously.  I'm honest, and usually write what you're thinking but would never dream of saying out loud.  Sometimes it gets me in trouble and sometimes I have to apologize for something, but usually it just makes me feel like I'm not completely alone in this journey called "motherhood."

While I do use my blog to vent (and reconnect to the outside world) I am also extremely in love with my kids.  I may make you want to barf some days as I go on and on about their cuteness and milestones they've reached and funny things they say.  I'm a big fan of spending quality time together with my family and usually plan a fun filled family night a couple times a month.  I post the activities and photos from the night on this here blog.

Occasionally, I treat this blog as a virtual scrapbook and post vacation photos or day trips or holidays.

I hope you enjoy reading!


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