The Quest for VBAC: Waiting for the Right Time

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I feel completely cheated. But I also feel like it is my fault. At the same time, I feel like the fault lands on society, and its lack in educating future mothers.

In November of last year, I had a Cesarean due to breech presentation of my son. My OB scheduled my c-section at thirty-nine weeks, and I asked, if it wasn't an emergency why schedule it early? Why not at 40 weeks? Why not wait to see if at the last minute the baby would natural turn himself around.

I went with the section at thirty-nine weeks. I was tricked into thinking that I had made the choice myself. That if I didn't have the scheduled c-section, I was a bad mother.

So I went with it, I experienced the c-section. I felt the longing for emotions as they took him away from my arms and into the hospital nursery. I sat in the recovery room, daydreaming about my son. It was a feeling I don't wish to feel again. I wanted to feel that blissful feeling I saw women on TLC's Baby Story get every time they gave birth and held their child right afterwards.

To be clear, I am not pregnant with my second child yet. Yet. That is the key word here. I would LOVE to have my children close in age, but because of the dangers in having VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) so soon after, we are waiting impatiently.

For now, we are waiting. Waiting for a miracle, waiting for answers. Waiting. Waiting to see if our medical professionals jump on the VBAC band-wagon. Waiting to see if they take into account the newest research that clearly states that VBAC is better than a repeat c-section. Waiting for women like us to become better educated about our bodies, and our options. It's definitely a waiting game. In an upcoming post, I will talk more about taking action.

I feel completely cheated. But I also feel like it is my fault.


For more on my quest for a VBAC or just more on my crazy life visit Olive Juice Rebels here.

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