Question of the Week: Holiday Shopping: Are you a grasshopper or an ant?

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My husband and I chuckled last night as we watched the first Christmas commercial of the season. In the Wal-Mart ad, a family prances happily around their house which has been adorned with the requisite trim. While gathered around the Christmas tree, the kids tear into their gifts and lo and behold! They got exactly what they wanted: a Bratz doll and a Transformers toy. The family then turns to the camera and smiles broadly. As the camera pulls away, the jolly scene is revealed to be a holiday card with "Christmas 2007" scrawled above it.

Christmas 2007 hasn't even happened yet, but the shopping frenzy has begun.

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you a grasshopper or an ant? Do you wait until the last moment or was your shopping begun during the post-holiday sales last year and completed sometime around the Fourth of July? Me, I'm neither grasshopper nor ant. I'm a mole. I burrow until the last possible moment until I realize that shopping absolutely must be done. Then I blindly flail around on Amazon's site looking for items that: 1. are in stock and 2. will arrive by December 24. I haven't set foot in a mall to do my holiday shopping since the first click-and-mortar shops opened their doors during the dot com boom. Crowds? Fighting over a $20 hat-scarf-glove set? Being accosted by those bell ringers everywhere I go? No, thank you. I'll stay home and shop from the comfort of my own couch.

So tell me, are you done shopping? I mean really done? Presents wrapped and everything? (I hate you.) Or are covering your ears and singing, "Fa La La La La" until Spring of 2008? And fellow moles, please let me know I'm not alone. Moles unite!

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