Questions from a Catholic

I have some serious questions. I am asking you these things in the most humble and sincere way. My intention is not to judge or persuade. Instead, I am just a Catholic girl who really wants to know. Would you help me?

Keep Your Ovaries Off My RosariesPhoto Credit / Catholics do not wish to take away your rights. Please don't take away ours.

Before I ask, let me start with some facts to help you in your answer:

FACT: Catholics are in total support of affordable and quality health care for every person in this country. We are very concerned with the well-being and rights of all individuals from the womb to the tomb (Important: Regardless of whether or not we agree with their choices. All people deserve the right to life and dignity!).

FACT: Catholics do not support a healthcare plan that provides abortions, abortifacients, contraception or sterilization. It is against our moral code.

FACT: Catholics are NOT trying to take away the above mentioned services from people in this country. That is NOT our goal. Right now, Catholics are fighting this healthcare plan because we do not wish to pay into or participate in a program that provides these things when they are against our religion. It is a violation of religious freedom. Period. Let me repeat this for emphasis: we are not trying to take these things away. We just do not wish to participate or to be penalized for refusing.

So, on to my questions:

What is it about these facts that you find objection to?

Why is it ok to force Catholics to participate in a law that is against their moral code?

Why are people in this country not concerned about this violation of religious freedom? Do you feel that this violation is a slippery slope?

Thank you in advance for taking time to help me understand. While I in no way require you to agree with my religion or opinions, I do ask that your comments are made with the intention for discussion.


Jenna Hines is a stay-at-home mom from the midwest. She dabbles in graphic design and writes for her blog Call Her Happy.

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