Questions You Need To Ask At Back To School Night

Back to School

For many schools systems Back to School Night is soon approaching. Make sure you are prepared with a few questions. If you are like most parents you will want to have a list of questions, but trust me you will not have time to ask them.  Remember you will be competing with other parents, who will also have a list of questions.

Here are some important questions you will want to ask:

  • What is your email address? Make sure that you get the teacher's email address as soon as possible.  If  you find that you do not have time to ask questions, you can always email him/her with your questions. Most schools post teacher email addresses on their websites, and require teachers to respond to parent inquiries within 24 hours.
  • How often do you update and share grades with students? If the school uses Edline, you will definitely want to get your login information and find out how often the teachers enter grades. The great part about Edline is that involved parents will get an email every time the teacher enters a grade. It also allows you to communicate directly with the teacher.
  • Can you recommend other resources for struggling students or students who wish to get ahead? Many teachers provide students with a list of online links and resources for their students. If not, you can count on me to post a few (ok several!).. One of my next posts will include a variety online textbook sites and sites with helpful links and activities.
  • If my child needs extra help, are you available after school or during lunch? What days? Some teachers, especially in high school, usually post their office hours. My previous school required teachers to be available at least twice a week during lunch or after school, but every district is different. Ask anyway to see what they tell you.
  • What is the policy for making up and turning in late work for absences due to illness or other  school approved absences? This information is usually published in the school/student handbook and in classroom rules and expectations distributed to students on the first day of school. Ask anyway. It can't hurt. :-)