Quick 'n' Easy HOT! rice, shrimp, spinach

I have done a good job getting back to my regular diet since the Thanksgiving feast gorge fest. December 8, I created this hot and very delicious meal for my lunch: spinach, wild rice, egg, onion, and shrimp sauteed in garlic and hot chili oil. This dish is full of heat! The rice helps temper the heat.

As usual, I did not really have a taste for anything specific but created the dish out of ingredients that I had on hand: fresh spinach, shrimp, Lundberg wild rice (note to self, you're out of rice), sweet onion, and egg. Seasonings: garlic powder (and lots of it), Asian Gourmet Chili Oil. Once the onion and shrimp are done cooking, add one lightly beaten egg to the pan. Scramble the egg in the pan. Add garlic powder to taste, throw in a cup of fresh spinach (or as much as you like); toss it around in the pan to mix it in and cover it with seasonings. It's done! Serve it on a bed of rice.

Wild rice blend


Sweet onion and shrimp cooking in chili oil with garlic powder


I am especially fond of the Lundberg rices, I have eaten them for years. It used to be only available at specialty organic, whole foods type stores but now you can find the products in regular markets. Not only does Lundberg have a variety of rice they also offer organic and NON-GMO products. The farm is a part of the NON GMO Project; learn more about that here.


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