Quick Quinoa Two Ways: Today's Dinner and Tomorrow's Lunch


The other day I was looking for something quick, simple and filling for dinner. I found some red quinoa in my cabinet and decided to just make the whole bag and experiment with some quinoa creations. After boiling the water and cooking the quinoa, I divided the batch in half; One half for dinner and the other for the next day's lunch!

For the dinner portion, I sautĂ©ed fresh shrimp with garlic and olive oil and mixed in the quinoa and some fresh spinach. 

For my lunch portion, I chopped up half of a granny smith apple, a half cup of walnuts and added some dried cranberries. I tossed this with the quinoa in about two tablespoons of a balsamic vinaigrette. I had this in mind as a cold salad, but it would also taste great warm.

Both meals are delcious quick and easy ways for you to utilize  a wonderful source of iron, protein and fiber in your diet! Go give it a whirl and get your quinoa on! Comment with your favorite way to eat quinoa!







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