Quick, Sit-Up-Free Abs!


I have a friend, Michelle, who lives in Texas. I see her about three times a year. Mostly during the holidays when I'm sporting my post pregnancy pants to leave room for a variety of pies, candy, alcohol, and mashed potatoes. I saw her earlier this past spring and, I must say, her body was rocking. I am a happily married woman, but I've got to admit, Michelle had it going on! My friends and I all gazed longingly at her flat, toned stomach thinking, "Man, she must work out like 5,000 hours a day to look like that." Not so my friend, not so. I questioned the methodology behind her buff bod and was surprised by her answer. She said she never did sit-ups, v-ups, teacups, crunchy frogs, and any other variation of the "up" exercise and that it only took about 5-10 minutes a day. She shared her secret with me and...pssst....I'm going to share it with you!


A mat or soft surface

Timer or Stopwatch (I just use an app on my phone)

Towel, cause you're gonna be dripping!


1. Plank Pose

Lie down on the floor so your belly is down. Using your hands push up so your arms are straight and about shoulder length apart. Your legs should be straight as well with the tips of your toes touching the ground. You are straight, like a plank (get it?). This can be done on your forearms or hands. I find it much harder on my forearms, if you are a beginner I suggest starting on your hands. When in plank pose, make sure you are relaxing your neck and squeezing your butt. Don't let your back droop; keep everything tight!

2. Banana

Lie down on your back. Your hands can be placed by your side palms down or under your butt (I like to place them under my butt for extra back support). While keeping your legs straight, lift your legs about an inch or so off the ground. The lower your legs are to the ground, the more difficult the move is. Keep your spine pressed to the floor. On workout videos, I always hear people say, "Picture your belly button sinking to the floor." So go on, picture it. For added difficulty lift your head and neck off the ground at the same time. Talk about a double whammy

Timing the Moves

Disclaimer: I am a wuss and have reduced Michelle’s minute recommendations so I don't kill myself. I hope to increase the times below as I get more ripped. :) Think of the following time intervals like a mountain.....increase, peak, and then decrease. There are no breaks between intervals! GO! GO! GO!




                    Plank Pose                  30 seconds
                   Banana Pose                  30 seconds
                    Plank Pose                  45 seconds
                   Banana Pose                  45 seconds
                    Plank Pose                  60 seconds
                  Banana Pose                                     60 seconds
                    Plank Pose                  45 seconds
                  Banana Pose                  45 seconds
                    Plank Pose                  30 seconds
                  Banana Pose

                  30 seconds


Sounds simple right? The idea is simple, but it's HARD. No sit ups, no equipment, just a timer and yourself! The times can be manipulated for all different levels of exersize. I consider the times I use to be moderate. You could start as low as 10 seconds with your peak at 30 and work up from there.

If you decided to try it, please comment below and let me know what you thought. I'd love some feedback.

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