Quick! Somebody Patch that COW Neck Sweater with DUCK Tape!

I am NOT a grammarian by any stretch of the imagination. I'm comma-happy and uncomfortable using semicolons. I end sentences with prepositions and homonyms make me giggle. That being said...

- It's a COWL neck sweater, not a COW neck sweater.  Yes, it's kinda droopy like a cow's neck, but it has nothing to do with the animal. Hooded cloak, not Moooo!

- It's DUCT tape, not DUCK tape. Vinyl material, not quacking animal.

- "Might could"

- "Whole 'nother"

- "Supposibly"

- "Irregardless"

- "Conversate"

- "Ain't no"


I'm really excited to hear what the women of BlogHer have to say about this post. What makes your ears sad?



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